Kissing Gourami (Helostma temmickii)

Interesting :

It is chubby in shape. The body is rather flat than Climbing Perch. It has small head, short/blunt snout, small elastic mouth and thick lips. Its eyes are in the same level as mouth angle. It has medium-sized scales covering its head and body. It has long pelvic fin and anal fin. It has green-grey body, grey-black back and white belly in color.

Habitat :

It is found in Chao Phraya River and Nan River.

Food :

It eats aquatic plants and aquatic insects.

Behavior :

It is patient, easy to be raised, fast growing and easy to adapt to environment. It likes to stay as a group.

Size and weight :

It`s body length is 15 -20 centimeters.