Siriped Catfish (Pangasius sutchi)

Interesting :

It is a freshwater fish having no scales. It likes to stay as a group. It is in the same family with Black Ear Catfish. Its physical characteristic and living are similar to Black Ear Catfish. Its body is long. The back arris is rather straight. The front part falls toward mouth position. It has blunt face, wide mouth and 2 pairs of barbels. It has cream body, dark back and light yellow fin in color. Small Siriped Catfish has black stripes vertically along the body.

Habitat :

It is found in Chao Phraya River, down to Nakhonsawa and Klong River.

Food :

It eats aquatic plants, baby shell, worm and earthworm.

Behavior :

It is peaceful and easily frightened. It likes to stay as a group in the abor area close to aquatic plants. It is easy to be raised and fast growing.

Size and weight :

It`s body length is about 20 – 10 centimeters.