Hog Badger (Arctonyx collaris)

Interesting :

Its smell is very strong. Its figure is similar to that of pig. Its body cost is yellow-gray or black in color. Its face is white in color. It has making line on cheeks and forehead. Its nose leans out like pig nose. It has small ears and long hair. Its tail is quite short. It does not have hoof on its foot. But it has white long, sharp, and bowed claws, which is similar to that of bear. It has big talon.

Habitat :

It is found in Napal, Putan, India, China, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Sumatra. In Thailand, it is found in very part.

Food :

It eats fruits, bamboo shoots, vegetation shoots, rats, chameleons, millipedes, insects, and earthworms.

Behavior :

It has quick smelling sense. It is nimbly. It normally makes a living during nighttime. During daytime, it resides in soil hollow dig by itself, which has lots of entrances and exits. Sometimes, it resides around rock folds. It is solitary and likes to makes a living during nighttime. It likes digging to find food by using its nose and strong claws. It is quite fierce. It is not fear even with enemy that is bigger than it.

Current Status :

Near Threatened

Size and weight :

Its body length is 65-104 centimeters. Its tail length is 12-14 centimeters.

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Update : 06 April 2017