Jullien's Mud Carp (Henicorhynchus siamensis)

Interesting :

It is a freshwater fish that has similar shape as Featherback, but it is smaller. There is no black dot on anal fin. It has white-grey body in color. Dorsal fin and pectoral fin are about the same size. Pelvic fin is very small. Anal fin and caudal fin are connected as one fin. Generally

Habitat :

It is found in rivers and canals all over Thailand.

Food :

It eats young fish and young shrimp.

Behavior :

It is peaceful and likes to stay as a group.During breeding period, it stays together as a big group and then emigrates to a suitable place for spawning. biggest one found was about 1 meter.

Size and weight :

It`s body length is 15 -20 centimeters. The biggest one found had a length of 30 centimeters.