Tokay, Gecko (Gekko gecko)

Habitat :

This large, nocturnal gecko which can be common in urban and rural areas and, in natural areas, has been observed in lowland and hill dipterocarp forest on the sides of trees and taking refuge in rock cracks during the day. The species thrives in artificial environments. It predates on other geckos, insects, small mammals and small birds. Egg clutches have been observed in a rock crack on a tower karst formation in Perlis, Malaysia, from March through October (Grismer 2011). In Indonesia it favours low elevations and is rarely encountered above 700 m asl. (D.T. Iskandar pers. comm. 2017). It has been reported from Nepal at an elevation of 180 m asl (Wangyal 2012). In Yunnan, it is found on trees (especially large banyan) in tropical and subtropical region with elevation 250-600 m asl. It is also found in rock cracks, or cracks in houses. In Kolkata (West Bengal, India) it is a very shy animal and wary, hiding itself in the thickest of foliage (Annandale 1907).

Current Status :

No direct conservation measures are currently needed for this species as a whole, although regulation of trade and enforcement of quotas where these exist would be beneficial. It has been listed in the past as a protected species in Taiwan but there are doubts about its native status on this island; Norval et al. (2011) recommend surveys of sites where the species has been found and phylogenetic analysis to clarify its status in Taiwan. The species occurs in the Barail Wildlife Sanctuary, Assam, India (Das et al. 2009). It is listed as one of 20 nationally protected species in China (Zhang 2008). International trade monitoring is needed, potentially including CITES monitoring to collect data on trade volumes. Research into this gecko's taxonomy to clarify and whether or not the gecko is native or introduced (particularly in Java) is needed.


CLASS : Reptilia

ORDER : Squamata

FAMILY : Gekkonidae

GENUS : Gekko

SPECIES : Tokay Gecko (Gekko gecko)

Conservation status : Least Concern

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