Black And White Spitting Cobra (Naja siamensis)

Habitat :

HABITAT AND ECOLOGY This species inhabits lowland and upland forest and cultivated areas, including rice paddies. It is found in deciduous, disturbed and open forest, and is absent from closed-canopy evergreen forest (B. Stuart and Q.T. Nguyen pers. comm. 2011). Generation length in this species is uncertain, but captive specimens have been reported to exhibit generation lengths of 4-5 years. Generation length in the wild is probably longer, and is here estimated at 5-6 years.

Current Status :

This species is listed on Appendix II of CITES. In places the distribution of this species coincides with protected areas, probably providing small safeguards from high levels of harvesting. Further research into the harvest levels of this species is needed, as is population monitoring. It is a protected species in Vietnam, where it is listed as Endangered in the national Red Data Book (Dang et al. 2007).


CLASS : Reptilia

ORDER : Squamata

FAMILY : Elapidae

GENUS : Naja

SPECIES : Black And White Spitting Cobra (Naja siamensis)

Conservation status : Vulnerable

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Update : 06 April 2017