Seven-Stripped Carp (Probarbus jullieni)

Interesting :

It is one of the most beautiful freshwater fishes. Its body is bright gold in color, with 7 black stripped horizontally along the body. Its eyes are bright red. The unique character is that it has 4 teeth in one row in its pharynx. There is one pair of short barbel on upper lip.

Habitat :

It`s range is quite limited in Indo-China region, Thailand, and down to Melayu. It dwells in big rivers such as Chao Phraya River, Mae Klong River and Kong River.

Food :

It mostly eats aquatic plants and small aquatic animals such as young fish, young shrimp and freshwater shell.

Reproductive :

It likes to dwell in cold running stream at the depth level of 5 – 10 meters.The breeding season starts around October when the mature fish swims upstream to spawning area, which has a deep-water channel along the rock islet in the stream and a water ground that fills with a mix of stone and sand.

Size and weight :

Based on the record, the biggest one has a length of 1.35 meters and weighting at 40 kilograms.