Piranha (Serrasalmus spp)

Interesting :

Piranha is a colorful fish. In the past, some importers smuggled Piranha into Thailand. It is illegal to import or possess Piranha in Thailand. There are many species of Piranha. Its unique characters are that it has very sharp teeth and very small.

Habitat :

For Thai name, it is called Piranya or Piranha. It was originally found in South America and Africa Continent. The famous sources of Piranha are Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

Food :

It likes to eat fresh meats.

Behavior :

It is a fierce animal. It likes to stay as group and attacks the prey severely. Its very sharp-as-a-knife teeth can tear the prey into pieces quickly. If it is generally distributed in Thailand, it is considered frightful. However, there is no report about that.

Size and weight :

It`s body length can be up to 20 -30 centimeters.