Victoria Crowned-pigeon, Victoria Goura (Goura victoria)

Habitat :

This species is found in lowland forest, including swamp-forest, mostly in the extreme lowlands, but sometimes to 600 m (Coates 1985). It feeds on the ground in small groups of 2-10 birds and roosts in trees. Captive birds start breeding from 15 months old, lay a single egg, and tend to the fledgling for some months after hatching (King and Nijboer 1994). A study in 2014 found this species to be present only in continuous forest, and not in forest fragments (Sam et al. 2014).

Current Status :

Near Threatened


CLASS : Aves

ORDER : Columbiformes

FAMILY : Columbidae

GENUS : Goura

SPECIES : Victoria Crowned-pigeon, Victoria Goura (Goura victoria)

Conservation status : Near Threatened

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Update : 11 April 2017