Anguilla Eel (Anguilla bornecsis)

Interesting :

It`s a migratory fish. It has very small and fine scales. Its shape is similar to eel, but it is rather fat and short than eel. Its pectoral fin is wide and round in shape. Dorsal fin, anal fin and caudal fin are connected as a one part. There is no pelvic fin.

Habitat :

It has been found for the first time in 1926 in Bangkapi canal, Bangkok Province. It had the length of 64 centimeters. People misunderstood that it was a electric eel and some thought that it was a dragon. There was no information who named it as “Anguilla Eel”. The one found in the southern part, Ranong and Trang province, is called “True Eel”.

Food :

It eats young fishes and young shrimps.

Size and weight :

It`s length is about 40 -150 centimetres.