Red Tinfoil Barb (Barbus altus)

Interesting :

It has fat body with the flatten side. The body surface is silver or gold in color. Its head and mouth are quite small. There are 2 pairs of barbels at the upper and lower jaws. The dorsal fin is high and grey in color (the top of fin is black). The Caudal fin is yellow with the light grey at the edge. The pelvic fin and anal fin are alternate the colors between yellow-orange and red.

Habitat :

In Thailand, it is found generally in fresh water. Sometimes, it resides in canals and swamps. It is plentiful in the center part. In the northern part, it is called Pla-Mong-Kha. In the north eastern part, it is called Pla-Pak. In the southern part, it is called Pla-Ta-Pian-Tong.

Food :

It eats aquatic plants and small seaweed.

Behavior :

It is lively and actively. It likes to stay as a group, make a living and circle around water surface.

Size and weight :

It is a medium-sized freshwater fish. Its length is about 3 – 8 inches.