Thai Carp (Barbus gonionotus)

Interesting :

Thai carp is a national freshwater fish and well known since Sukhothai Period. It has fat body, small head, big scales and small mouth. Its unique characteristic is that it has 6 soft-rays anal fin while the other fishes in the same family have only 5 rays. The body color is green-blue and it is brown-grey on the back with white belly. It is actively, swims very fast and jumps very high

Habitat :

It is found in running water and standing water in the area of the center, the northern and the north eastern part of Thailand.

Food :

It eats plants, seed, grain, seaweeds, moss, dead plants and animals, plankton and water fleas.

Behavior :

It is peaceful and likes to stay as a group except during breeding or spawning period. It is lively and actively. It likes to hide under the rivers, streams, swamps that are slow-moving water or standing water. It easily adapt to surrounding environments. It can be raised and breed easily.

Size and weight :

It`s length is about 8 – 20 centimeters.