Giant Snake-head Fish (Channa micropeltes)

Interesting :

It is a fresh-water fish. It has a long body in cylinder shape, similar to a snake-head fish. It is the largest in the family Channidae. The young of the giant snakehead has brown body in color, with yellow-orange lateral stripes, and has red tail head in color. As the giant snakehead matures, it has green-dark blue upper body in color like the color of mussel shell. Also, it has white belly in color and has a black lateral stripes along its body. It has sharp teeth. Its dorsal fin and anal fin are long to tail head. Its caudal tail is round. Giant Snake-head Fish has labyrinth organ that helps it to breathe directly, no need to filter through gill slit, which is the same as the snake-head fish.

Habitat :

It is found primarily in rivers and reservoirs all over in every part of Thailand.

Food :

It eats smaller-sized aqua animals.

Behavior :

It is considered a barbarous freshwater fish.