Red-tailed Snakehead (Channa gachua)

Interesting :

It`s a freshwater fish that is long and quite round in shape. It has scales over its head and body, with the resulting appearance of a snake head. Its snout is short and blunt. It has wide mouth and sharp teeth on both upper and lower jaws. Its eyes are small and close to its lip. Dorsal fin and anal fin have long base. Pectoral fin is round in shape. Pelvic fin is close to pectoral fin. There is 1 pair of short barbell at the edge of nostril. The color of red-tailed snakehead, especially the edge of dorsal fin, caudal fin and anal fin are red. The whole fins (except the edge) are purple, the body is grey, the back is dark grey, the belly is brown and white in color.

Habitat :

It lives in rivers, swamps, canals and streams that are on the mountain. It can live in upland area of 2,000 feet from sea level.

Food :

It eats child fish, child shrimp and embryo of insects.

Behavior :

It is peaceful, patient and well-adjusted to surrounding environments.

Size and weight :

The length of its body is not more than 20 centimeters.