Black Shark (Morulius chrysophekadion)

Interesting :

it`s a medium-sized freshwater fish. It is elongated in shape with flat side of body. The ground of body is purple-black or blue-black in color. It has big scales cover all body except its head. Its head is fastigiated. Its mouth can be stretchable. It has no teeth and its upper and lower lips are jagged. There are a bunch of short fuzzy polyps and 2 pairs of barbels. Its dorsal fin is large and high. Its pectoral fin, pelvic fin and anal fin are elongated in shape and they are about the same size. Its caudal fin is long and jagged edge. Every fins are black in color.

Habitat :

It is found in Thailand, usually in shallow water habitat having aquatic plants.

Food :

It eats mosses, small aquatic plants, plankton and embryo of aquatic insects.

Size and weight :

The length of the biggest one can be up to 48 centimetres.