Mangrove Snake (Boiga dendrophila melanota )

Interesting :

Mangrove snake is a terrestrial snake with a very long and big body. The shape of its body is slightly triangular. It has big chin and very strong jaws. Whenever it bites, it will not release the target. Some of mangrove snakes are so fierce and rapidly attack with frightful manner. However, its venom is not severe, making pain but not to death. Its body is completely black with yellow stripes. The area from its lip to lower chin is bright yellow in color.

Habitat :

It is found in Malaysia, Singapore and some parts of Sumatra. It is abound in southern provinces of Thailand.

Food :

Its foods are rats, fish, chameleons, squabs and eggs.

Behavior :

It normally likes coiling up on crotch and dank tree hollow. It makes a living at nighttime; particularly abound in mangrove forest and sometimes on tree. It is thus agile at nighttime while inactive during daytime.

Current Status :

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Reproductive :

It lays a clutch of 4-15 eggs and takes 12 weeks of incubation.

Size and weight :

The length of newborns is around 35-43 centimeters.

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Update : 06 April 2017