Banded Shark (Hampala macrolepidota)

Interesting :

Banded shark belongs to Cyprinidae family. Its body is quite long, the side of body is flat and the belly is round. It has sharp snout and wide mouth that is a little bit slant upward. It has 1 pair of barbels at mouth angle. Dorsal fin is opposite to pelvic fin. It has big scales. Its body is of white-silver in color with horizontal black band along the body.

Habitat :

It is found primarily in rivers and canals all over in every part of Thailand.It eats small young fish

Behavior :

It is actively, hyperactive and easily to be frightened. Generally, it is quite aggressive, so it should not be raised together with other kind of fishes because even the same kind of fish if the different size of fishes are together, they will fight.

Reproductive :

There is no information about its mating.

Size and weight :

It has red tail and red or orange fin that has a size of 20-50 centimeters.

Reference :

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