LESSER PANDA , RED PANDA (Ailurus fulgens)

Interesting :

Its nose is short and sharp. It has small eyes and stand ears. It has trait on face like wearing mask. It has long and thick hair, which is red-brown in color. Its belly and hip coat is black in color. It has red-brown spot under eyes, on cheeks, and on edge of ears. It has white hair above the eyes. It has long tail with 12 red-brown rings and light brown ring. It has smelling gland at feet and bottom.It makes a living during twilight. It is shy and solitary. It can climb trees very well. It stays in bamboo forests and pine forests at the height of 2,200 – 4,800 meters. It uses most of the time in resting, sunbathing, and embellishing its hair on trees. When the weather is extremely cold, it curls itself to hide head and limbs. When the weather is warmer, it leans straight on crotches. Red panda embellishes its hair when it wakes up or eats. Embellishment process starts from stretching body, licking hair, and washing face palms and soles. Its resident for taking rest or giving birth is tree hollow, crotch, and rock cave. It marks territory by using scent, urinate, and chemical released from its gland at bottom. It marks by wiping or painting to branches. Its natural enemies are snow leopards and yellow-throated marten. In the past, it is hunted for fur at its tail, which is used as hat brush. It is also hunted for sale to international zoos. Currently, there is a campaign on not hunting red panda.

Habitat :

It lives in Himalayan Mountain Range and high mountain of Nepal, India, Putan, China, Laos, and Myanmar. There are 2 sub-species of red panda, which are 1. Ailurus fulgens fulgens and 2. Ailurus fulgens styani. Ailurus fulgens fulgens size is smaller. It face has lighter color. It is found in Nepal, Tibet, India, Putan, and China. Ailurus fulgens styani has dark trait on face. It is found in Myanmar and some parts in China.

Food :

Main foods are bamboo leafs. Besides, it also eats pine seeds, roots, and mushrooms. It sometimes eats bird eggs and young birds. It uses 13 hours a day in finding and eating bamboo leafs.

Current Status :


Age :

The average life is 15 years.

Reproductive :

It is mature at the age of 18 months or above. Breeding season is in January to March. Gestation period is about 112 – 158 days. One litter contains 1 – 4 young. Newborn weight is about 110 – 130 grams. It weans at the age of 5 months.

Size and weight :

Its body length is 50 – 64 centimeters. Its tail length is 28 – 48 centimeters. Its weight is about 3 – 6 kilogram.

Point of view :

Update : 06 April 2017