(Mycteria cinerea)

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Forest, Wetlands (inland), Marine Coastal/Supratidal, Artificial/Terrestrial, Artificial/Aquatic & Marine HABITAT AND ECOLOGY It is a predominantly coastal resident in Indonesia and Malaysia, inhabiting mangroves and adjacent, less saline, swamps. It forages on tidal mudflats, in saline pools, freshwater marshes, fishponds and rice-fields. The species has been documented as eating fishes, prawns and crabs (Iqbal et al. 2008, 2009). Birds only occur inland in flooded forest around Tonle Sap lake in Cambodia, from where they disperse in the wet season, possibly to the coast (van Zalinge et al. 2011). Tall, mature trees are important for nesting (Ismail and Rahman 2016). In Prek toal Ramsar site, peak nesting occurs between February and April (Visal and Mahood 2015).

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Update : 06 April 2017