Gaur (Bos gaurus readei,B.g.laosiensis)

Interesting :

Guar generally looks like cow. Its coat is short and shiny with black or brown in color. Its lower legs are off-white in color, which looks like wearing socks. There is a white-gray or yellow-gray remark on its forehead. Itt has high shoulder hump and horn for both male and female. Its horn is curving upward with yellow color at thr base and turning black at the tip. Beneath its skin, there are oil nods with a little bit strong smell.

Habitat :

It is found in Asia, Myanmar, Indochina, Malaysia, Thailand. Within Thailand forests, guar can be dividing into 2 sub-species, which are Bos Gaurus Readei that can be found in forests around Northwestern, Northern, and Northeastern areas. The other specie is Bos Gaurus Hubbachi what can be found in Southern and Tanao Sri Mountain Range.

Food :

It likes eating salt licks, grasses, bamboo shoot, young leafs, and some types of wild fruits.

Behavior :

It stays in far tropical rain forest both Savannah and highland forest. It is normally not fierce except it is hurt or it is breeding season. It normally lives in herd and does not like to stay in muddy places unlike cow.

Current Status :


Age :

It can live up to 25-30 years.

Reproductive :

Its breeding takes place through out the year but breeding season is peak during November - December.

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Update : 06 April 2017