Malayan Snail-eating Terrapin(Rice-field Terrapin) (Malayemys subtrijuga )

Interesting :

The body shape of rice-field terrapin is similar to other turtles but only smaller. It weighs around half a kilogram. It has a pale brown shell and a black head with the big white lines from nose through upper eyes and from mouth through lower eyes. It also has white lines on its cheeks. These big white lines are the distinction of this turtle. It has black grey skin and legs.

Habitat :

It is commonly found in all regions of Thailand.

Food :

It does not like eating vegetables but likes eating snails, craps, shrimps, insects and small fish.

Behavior :

It is easily frightened. It does not like humans. If it sees humans, it will stay still, be motionless or hide in its shell. It likes living in its shell. It likes living in muddy river, creek, swamp and marsh. Because it is commonly found in paddy field, it is so called “Tao Na”.